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Finding kittens? How to help.

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Every spring and summer, the calls start -- from people on farms, from people in the neighborhoods, people in the city: they have had a pregnant cat dumped near their home, and now they have kittens. What can you do? There are several ways you can help these cats in need.

When you find a pregnant cat, or one with brand new kittens, your best bet is to try to get them to a protected environment (your garage might be a great space) so that they can flourish, get fixed, and (if you don't want to adopt them) find new homes. Sometimes we have crates we can loan folks who are willing to help give these cats a bit of help before they find their way to new homes. We do have foster homes, but they can get full really quickly, and during kitten season it can really get out of hand. So being willing to hold on to these cats for a few weeks really helps us out. For those found kittens, it's important to get them handled and socialized as young as possible so that they don't grow up feral.

What to do when you just see kittens? The Best Friends Animal Society has a good graphic for what to do when you find kittens:

Here is a link to a more detailed article about it:

We really appreciate everyone who tries to help the cats and kittens who end up in their orbit. The good that you do gets these cats off the streets, and into good homes.

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