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What we do

PAWS of Muskingum County provides spay/neuter services for the companion animals of seniors, veterans, the disabled and low income households. These individuals often lack mobility. Their home and companion animals are their world. Public housing requires that all animals be spayed and neutered. PAWS provides these services and transports the animals to the spay/neuter appointment when needed. Keeping the owners and their pets together improves the quality of life for both.

Dog Run
Helping people with spay and neuter services

PAWS of Muskingum schedules mobile clinics to come to our area and transports animals to other area clinics. We have facilitated spay/neuter surgeries for over 1,400 pets in a single year.

Cats on the Street
Helping people trap and spay/neuter feral cats

Feral cats soon become an overpopulation problem and often transfer parasites to pets. PAWS loans live traps and can offer advice on how to lure animals into the traps. Patience! Cats can be shrewd!

Sleeping Cat
Rehoming pets, especially cats

We are primarily a spay and neuter organization. But we do help pets find homes in two ways. First of all, we work with Petsmart to house the cats we have available for adoption, and sometimes hold larger adoption events at the store.  And, we have a Petfinder page that highlights some of the pets we have available. 



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