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Why become a pet foster parent?

Some of our PAWS volunteers foster cats that are getting ready to be adopted. Sometimes these are cats who are too young to be adopted -- and with kitten season in full array, there can be A LOT of litters who need some time to mature. But also sometimes we rescue cats who need medical support, or who just need a quiet place to find their footing, before we can find them new and wonderful homes. Our fosters get to know the cats, and can provide good information about how they will fit into various homes, which makes their adoptions go more smoothly.

In an nutshell: Fostering cats can be a wonderful and rewarding experience for many reasons. If you have been thinking about whether you should try to volunteer by fostering, consider these benefits of fostering:

1. Save lives: By fostering cats, you are helping to save lives by providing a temporary home for cats that may not be able to survive in a shelter environment.

2. Prepare cats for adoption: Fostering can provide a comfortable and loving environment where cats can learn to trust humans and socialize with other animals. This makes them more adoptable and increases their chances of finding a permanent home.

3. Learn about cat behavior: Fostering cats can teach you a lot about their behavior and personalities. You'll have the opportunity to observe and interact with different cats, which can help you understand their individual needs and preferences.

4. Flexibility: Fostering cats can be a flexible commitment, as you can often choose how long you want to foster a cat for, and you can take a break from fostering if needed.

5. Enjoyment: Many people find fostering cats to be a fun and enjoyable experience. Cats can be very affectionate and entertaining, and fostering them can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

And if all of the above has convinced you to try fostering, fill out the contact form and let us know!


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