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PAWS and PetSmart - A strong partnership

Kitty Adoptions

PAWS of Muskingum has had a successful, yearlong collaboration with PetSmart in Zanesville, Ohio. Together, we have found caring homes for hundreds of cats and kittens.

In this joint effort, PAWS finds kitties in need of caring, stable homes and PetSmart provides the temporary housing and necessary supplies. The kitties come from all over Zanesville and other Muskingum County communities. PAWS volunteers and PetSmart staff work together to care for them at the Zanesville store until they are adopted into good homes.

Doing the Right Thing

Before kitties are put up for adoption, PAWS and PetSmart require that they be spayed, neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, and treated for fleas. These requirements ensure that adopters are getting healthy animals and that our kitties won’t contribute to the critical overpopulation of felines.

The youngest adoptees at PetSmart are about 3 months old. At that age, they can comfortably leave their mamas and have typically reached sufficient weight for their spay/neuter surgeries. The surgery decision is based on weight, not age. Our kitties range from 3 months to mature adults, and they are all spayed or neutered. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Choosing Your Kitty - Cat Characteristics

Cats as a species are known to be curious and imperious–that’s often part of their charm! And we love their ability to purr. But there’s more to a cat’s personality than curiosity, a royal catitude, and a purr.

• A friendly, confident kitty may be your best friend from Day 1 (or maybe day 2-3), playful and boldly exploring its new home.

• A shy, cautious kitty may look for places to hide and be slower to warm up. Your shy kitty will become a wonderful and warm companion with patience and a gentle approach.

• Kittens are runners, jumpers, climbers, and tail chasers. They’ll skitter after anything that moves and entertain you with their antics.

• Older cats provide companionship and still enjoy a bit of play, but more sporadically. With a little encouragement and the right toy (a laser light, a wand, a small wad of paper), they’ll behave like kittens. But they really like their naps.

• If your kitty will spend a lot of time alone, consider adopting a bonded pair. Bonded pairs provide built in playmates and bolster each other’s confidence.

Choosing Your Kitty - Environment

Look for a personality that is a good fit for your home. Do you have a quiet home or a high energy home? Are there young children in your home? Other pets?

You want to choose a kitty that can adapt comfortably to your home environment. Will your home be better with a kitty that is self sufficient and entertains itself or one that demands interaction and looks for adventure? Shy kitties tend to stay out of trouble, while bold kitties…well…less so.

Adopting a cat or kitten is adding a new family member and is a long term commitment. Look for a personality that will please you and mesh comfortably with your family. And keep in mind that for you to be happy with the kitty, the kitty must be happy with you.

Adjustment Period

Provide your new kitty with a safe space away from other pets for a while and with access to food and clean water. (Drinking water is important to a kitty’s health.) Put a litter box in as quiet a spot as you can. (Kittens don’t need litter box training, per se, but do show them where it is, maybe a couple times.)

Whatever your new kitty’s personality, give it time, especially if you have young children or pets already established in your home. Keep in mind that even confident kitties need time to adjust to a new environment, and shy kitties need even more time. Kitty is entering a new world of beings, smells, sounds, sights and needs time to figure out that it’s all safe.

PAWS & PetSmart

PAWS volunteers and PetSmart staff cooperate to make sure the kitties are well cared for and exercised while they wait for the right adopters to find them.

We invite you to come by the Cat Adoption Center at PetSmart on Gorsky Dr. in Zanesville. Take a peek at the playful, 4-pawed, furry residents. Fill out an application!

We look forward to seeing you! For more information on caring for a new cat:


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