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PAWS Adoption Event, October 7!

Some of you might frequent the Zanesville PetSmart, and have ogled the adorable kitties we have available. Many of you might have noticed that we have been having extra adoption events this summer -- like the one we are having this Saturday, October 7 from 10 am to 6 pm at the Zanesville PetSmart.

Why so many events? Mostly, because it is still kitten season, and our fosters are full to bursting with cats. We have quite the variety -- kittens, young adults, mature adults -- probably just about any age or color you could wish for. Lately there has been a fair number of brown tabbies and black kittens, and an amazing number of orange ones (which are not as common, usually).

The basic adoption fee for most of our cats is $60. That amount mostly reimburses PAWS for the cost of the spay/neuter, and for the vaccinations. Some cats are bonded, and need to be adopted together (usually at a discounted rate), and sometimes there are so many kittens we offer a discount for taking more than one!

If you already have a cat, you might try adopting one, or fostering-to-adopt one, to see whether your cat would like a roommate! It can take time to introduce some cats to each other, although others get along right away. Our goal is to make sure that every cat finds a good home, so if you have been wondering about adding a second cat, now's the time!

If you don't have a cat, and have been thinking about getting one, you might want to come check out your options this Saturday. And if you come check out our cats and don't find one that just clicks, you can always try again! Cats are a renewable resource -- we always have some who need a good home!

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