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Special adoption event: July 10-16!

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

UPDATE: Our adoption event will be going on all week! Come check out our kitties from Monday, July 1O through Sunday, July 16!! While we always have a few kitties available for adoption at PetSmart, at our adoption events we can take the opportunity to bring in more cats from our fosters, get them some exposure, and help them find homes.

Our last big adoption event was in December. It was a banner adoption event with 20+ cats and kittens finding new homes. The Saturday adoption event was a 12 hour marathon, from 10 am to 10 pm. On Sunday adoptions began at 10 am, and continued until the store closed at 5 pm. PAWS members were present to talk to people, watch over the cats, and introduce the cats and people to each other.

Among the successful adoptions of the weekend, we have Lori, a cat whose owner had died. Lori was left on the porch to find her own way. This is why it is so important to include your pets in your will -- check out our blog post on that subject! A young lady who had just lost her cat to cancer at the age of 6 wandered along the row of cats and stopped at Lori’s cage. Would she like to hold Lori? With some hesitation she said yes. The connection was made when Lori settled in for a snuggle, and found herself a new home. Lucy, an orange female, was fostered by a PAWS member who found her in downtown Zanesville. Her adopter had also lost a cat, and brought Lucy home to join an orange Maine Coon. Four of six sweet gray-striped older kittens went to new homes. Two of those kittens went home together because the lady loved stripes. Bella, who had spent some weeks at Petsmart, won an adopter’s heart with her tuxedo coat and sweet disposition. Three orange male kittens went off to their new homes. A happy adopter who had taken one of the orange kittens returned the next day to show us a picture of her kitten snuggled in for a nap. PAWS members spent the two days caring for the cats and kittens and introducing prospective adopters to the various choices and extolling the virtues of each. All the cats and kittens were neutered and health checked. Serious effort is made to make sure everyone – felines and people – remain disease free during the event. Hand sanitizer ensures the cats and kittens remain healthy. All water and kibble bowls are cleaned and sanitized. Cage blankets are washed after every use. Kitty pans are sanitized and kept clean. A lot of effort goes into daily care at these adoption events. PAWS was thrilled with the success of this adoption event. PAWS would like to thank all those adopters that took a cat (cats) or kitten (kittens) into their home. We hope they bring joy and furry snuggles into your home. And if these stories inspired you to consider adding a cat to your home -- remember: July 15 and 16 at PetSmart. Many cats and kittens will be looking for people!


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